Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring in Fort Dodge, IA

Vinyl Flooring in Fort Dodge, IA

Do you love the look of hardwood flooring and think it would be perfect for the entryway in your home? Maybe you want to add ceramic tiles to your kitchen but simply cannot afford the cost. You can get the look of premium flooring at a fraction of the price when you purchase vinyl floors. Shop with Flooring America Design Center to rejuvenate any space with a style that speaks to you. Let your inner designer come through and we're here to assist each step of the way.

Our flooring store boasts a diverse selection of vinyl flooring in a variety of different styles. You can choose luxury vinyl tile flooring that mimics the appearance of real ceramic, as well as luxury vinyl plank flooring that offers the authentic look of hardwood. After you choose the ideal design, trust our flooring professionals to handle the vinyl flooring installation. It's just one of many comprehensive services that we offer here, such as custom measurements and product selection assistance. 

Downs H2O LVT in dining roomExtensive Vinyl Benefits 

Vinyl flooring is not only a great value purchase but also a very functional flooring option. It is extremely resistant to mold, mildew, and stains, which is why it is a popular choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. You do not have to worry about changes in temperature or humidity causing the floors to warp as others might do. The ease of maintenance, attractive appearance, and affordability make vinyl flooring an excellent choice for any home.

These floors are also easy to maintain similar to other hard floors. Mild soap and water are typically all you’ll need for basic maintenance. With proper care, a vinyl floor will last for years to come. Give your vinyl floors a quick sweep or vacuum to remove dirt or soil. You'll never need any special pastes, polishes, or cleaners for this resilient flooring type!

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Tile is a popular choice among homeowners for spaces that see a lot of moisture. The non-porous qualities of ceramic are perfect for repelling water, and the various color and design combinations allow a homeowner to make the space unique. However, traditional ceramics and porcelains can ring up the bill, and most homeowners desire something that gives off the same elegance, at a lower cost. Consider LVT, as this flooring type has risen to the charts for both commercial and residential flooring projects across the nation.

What makes vinyl tile such an attractive alternative is its ability to mimic the appearance of ceramic while also keeping some of its other inherent characteristics. Vinyl tile is typically comprised of fiberglass, PVC, a decorative film, and a transparent wear layer. The fiberglass and PVC make it rigid, ensuring it holds up under heavy foot traffic and impact. These materials are also non-porous, similar to ceramic, so you don’t have to be as concerned about water damage or mold growth.

Thanks to advancements in imaging technology, the designs, and patterns of vinyl tile flooring are more realistic than ever before. The colors and patterns look completely natural and are incredibly detailed, right down to the grooves of natural stone or even hardwood. The top wear layer protects the image you see, so you don’t need to worry about pets scratching or staining your investment. Design flexibility is one of the biggest reasons people choose vinyl tile flooring. If there is a particular pattern or color you have seen with ceramic tile, we can find vinyl floors that look virtually the same. Combine a ceramic or porcelain style with grout, and you have an attractive floor at a fraction of the price.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

Consider LVP if you want vinyl plank flooring that mimics the natural appeal of hardwood. Choose from different styles that copy natural wood, including oak, maple, cedar, and more. The copies mimic the details of hardwood right down to the knots, grooves, and texture. Hardwood generally maintains a malleability quality to it, which is copied to a degree with the soft underfoot of the vinyl. The wear layer of vinyl plank flooring mimics that of some of the softer species of wood and is easier on stiff joints than on some other materials. Additionally, this soft layer is able to hold warmth, only enhancing its comfort and luxury.

Homeowners choose vinyl sheet flooring for a number of reasons. A popular reason for growing families and landlords is that vinyl floors can serve as an excellent, temporary solution. Some view their home as their primary investment and hold out for upgrades until they’ve had more time to properly conceptualize their long-term vision.

Vinyl plank flooring delivers impressive performance and longevity. A homeowner can expect anywhere between about seven and 15 years of performance depending on maintenance and other environmental factors. Your purchase is protected with customer-friendly warranties on labor and materials, giving you peace of mind that your floors will look great for years to come.

Downs H2O LVP in child's nursery play area

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl for Spill-Prone Rooms

Water is essential to daily living, but it can also cause a lot of damage when it gets somewhere it shouldn’t. For example, water can seep through the top surface and mar your subflooring, which is difficult and costly to replace. When your floor gets damp, it is also at risk of developing mold and mildew, not to mention unsightly stains.
Our waterproof flooring options help you avoid these issues by preventing water and other liquids from seeping in. Most spills and accidents can be wiped up without leaving behind a trace. This easy maintenance and damage prevention makes waterproof surfaces the ideal choice for busy households, especially those with pets and young children.

Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for renovators who need their surfaces to be resilient, stylish, and affordable. Since luxury vinyl comes in endless different appearances, including styles that perfectly resemble hardwood and tile, it looks great in any room. Furthermore, it offers the water resistance you need in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Vinyl Flooring Installation from Qualified Experts

If you want attractive flooring at a great value, vinyl is a smart choice. Trust our experienced contractor for vinyl flooring installation, though, as hiring an inexperienced installer may yield uneven results or a floor that’s become unattached from the subfloor.

Count on our pros to handle the installation of your vinyl flooring. We have the experience and the staff to handle the installation in a timely manner while still providing amazing results. We’ll take accurate measurements as part of your free estimate, ensuring you receive the best value and aren’t overcharged for more materials than you need. You can request the installation to take place during a time that is convenient for you. We arrive promptly and ensure the installation happens without any problems, leaving you with a beautiful and perfectly level surface. All our products are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry, including our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee

Contact us today to request our free room measuring service. We proudly serve customers in and around Fort Dodge, Webster City, Humboldt, Eagle Grove, and Clarion, Iowa.


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