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Birch Hardwood Flooring

Known for its sunny and warm disposition, birch flooring is a popular choice since it complements so many design styles and has a medium density, ensuring it's durable.

Nature's Essence
Nature's Essence

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$6.69/sq. ft.

What Is Birch Hardwood Flooring?


When you started your online search for new hardwood flooring, did you already have an idea of the color and style you were going for? If so, you've probably noticed the endless hardwood options, including the golden glow of birch floors. Known for its sunny and warm disposition, birch flooring is a popular choice since it complements so many design styles. It can accent the transitional decor you have today and the farmhouse chic vibe you're working toward. 


Birch wood itself has a medium density, which means as a floor in your home, it can easily hold up to your busiest days. No need to worry about being the entertainment hub for all the neighborhood kids or entertaining a house full of pups when you graciously agree to pet sit. 


Birch Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages


As you consider all the various flooring options you're drawn to, the pros and cons can help you whittle them down. 


Birch wood flooring has several advantages, like: 


Considerations to keep in mind include the following: 


Appearance of Birch Hardwood


Are you looking for a hardwood floor that will warm up your bland interior and add personality and drama? Birch wood flooring is a top contender with its golden brown planks with hints of contrasting amber and mocha hues. The mostly straight grain also features the occasional knot or swirl, lending unique character to your space. 


If you're interested in a stained birch floor, we recommend finding one in the showroom. Though staining hardwood floors yourself may seem like a simple process, birch wood requires serious attention to detail to avoid a blotchy finish. And if you end up wanting to refinish your birch flooring years down the road, contact an experienced professional to help make the job easier.


How Durable Is Birch Wood Flooring?


When we talk about the hardness of birch, soft or hard doesn't describe it accurately. This wood species actually has a medium hardness that's perfectly strong for the daily routines of your busy family. It's not immune to scratches, scrapes, and dents, though, so you'll want to be mindful that you don't drag furniture across it and that your kids' monster truck drag races stay on the rugs.




We get it—your home is constantly abuzz, and it's hard to find time to do your already long list of home maintenance to-dos. The last thing you need is additional tasks for a high-maintenance floor. Thankfully birch hardwood floors require minimal attention. Once they're installed, get in the habit of sweeping or vacuuming each week to rid your home of any accumulated dirt, dust, dander, and hair. If your little one accidentally makes a mess on the floor, follow the manufacturer's instructions and clean it up ASAP.


Lifespan and Installation


Is your goal to make a one-and-done flooring choice—one that won't require replacement for the rest of your life if you can help it? If so, birch hardwood flooring is a good call! In general, hardwood floors withstand decades of wear and tear, whether that includes raucous children, a medley of dogs and cats, or friends and family visits for holidays and get-togethers. 


But the longevity of your hardwood flooring isn't set in stone. It's dependent on several factors, all of which you can influence. To get the most from your birch flooring, you'll want: 


FAQs About Birch Hardwood